Future of Feeling Good

Hi! We're happy you found yourself here, to our small corner of the internet. You may have already noticed but we love to make moments, small or big, a bit more memorable.

Those dimmed light - hourly long dinners with friends & family, those kick-your-shoes-off celebrations or just those hang-back evenings listening to your favourite album. Together we hope to create a new way of enjoying life's small and big moments - A Future of Feeling Good.

This is us

They say you shouldn’t start a company with friends. We started a company not only with friends but also with family (still evaluating if this was the right decision).

Our relationship as a brother, sister, and boyfriend or as we like to say it: Steffi, Per and Efe - sure make things a bit more interesting. To be honest we're having the best time ever and luckily most of our arguments are about what pictures of ourselves to use.

Franka has come together around napkin notes, dinner discussions, and late night meetings. We hope our love for great drinks, food and friendship is the reason why people hopefully will enjoy the things we do.

/Steffi, Per and Efe